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Turbo Clone Mini 24

Turbo Clone Mini 24

SKU: 860000950404

TurboKlone a streamlined cloner that gives you more sites, keeps temperatures low and provides more oxygen.
The central technology behind TurboKlone is simple:
A fan that offers a one-two punch!

  • Longer lasting, more durable Polyethylene Collars, with finger recesses for easy removal
  • Reservoir is stronger and easier to clean- with fill-inside line
  • Fan system provides constant oxygen and keeps temperatures optimal for rooting
  • More Klone sites in the same dimensional footprint as other systems on the market
  • Optional humidity dome (sold separately
  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions 18x14x10
  • Clone Capacity: 24
  • Cutting Medium: Custom Polyethylene Collar (included)
  • Optimal Water Temp: 65-75° F
  • Optimal Water PH: 5.5-6.3
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