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Fluence T Flex Cord

Fluence T Flex Cord

One T-Connector is required for every light in a series. Use a 5' cable if fixtures are mounted less than 5' apart, or a 10' cable for greater spacing. Use a 20' 4-output cable to connect 4 fixtures in a series that will be mounted less than 5' apart (more affordable than purchasing (4) individual 5' cables).


Compatible with all Fluence Gen 2 fixtures: SPYDR 2x, SPYDR 2p, SPYDR 2i, VYPR 2x, VYPR 2p


To use with a Gen 1 fixture (SPYDRx, SPYDRx PLUS, RAZR or RAY) you must use a Fluence Dimming Threaded Cable Adapter (Fluence part #71370) and use in conjunction with the Dimming Signal Cable that came with your fixture (also available for purchase separately).

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