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Fluence Spydr Fang 640W LED grow light

Fluence Spydr Fang 640W LED grow light

A high-performance LED grow light for craft cultivation. Enabling micro-growers to command their grow with an optimized 1600 µmol/s (PPF) output, PhysioSpec™ Broad R4 spectrum, and included 0-100% dimmer for easy control and full-cycle cultivation.

What Comes Included?

  • SPYDR Fang LED Grow Light
  • Dimmer Module
  • 2-Point Lance Hanger Kit


The same thin form factor that the pro grows have come to rely on has been fitted with an integrated dimmer module to be as plug-and-play as ever.

  • Fold Out: Our thin form factor not only allows for each set up, but also maximum growing space for your plants to grow right up to the light
  • Dial In Intensity: Fitted with its very own integrated dimmer module, SPYDR has never been easier to adjust through growth cycles
  • Grow With White Light: Proven for rapid growth and full-cycle growing, our PhysioSpec Broad R4 mimics the richness of sunlight in indoor environments for full plant development.
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