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Eye Hortilux 600w MH

Eye Hortilux 600w MH

SKU: 639125578219

When you need consistent, powerful grow light, grab the Eye Hortilux X57821 600-watt Blue Metal Halide Lamp. This grow light is designed to operate on 600-watt electronic or magnetic high-pressure sodium ballasts rated ANSI S106. Alone and paired with other lamps, this grow light bulb can be applied in various ways. Use as a standalone light source growing the highest quality, natural-looking plants throughout all phases growth cycles. Growers who prefer pairing processes can use the metal halide for early plant development and then switch to high-pressure sodium for flowering and fruit production or utilize both blue metal halide and super high-pressure sodium throughout plant life cycles. Combining multi-light systems allows for a more balanced spectrum to produce higher yields and quality of plant growth throughout all phases. It is important to note that due to the design, there are no 600-watt metal halide core and coil ballasts in the general lighting industry. All metal halide lamps at this wattage are conversion lamps designed to run on high-pressure sodium core and coil ballasts. Use alone or customize your process, watching your plants grow and flourish with the Eye Hortilux HX57821 600-watt blue metal halide lamp

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