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Blumat Small Box Kit W/bucket 6 Plant

Blumat Small Box Kit W/bucket 6 Plant


This kit comes with everything you need to automatically water up to 6 potted plants or 2.5 square meter gardens. An included 5 gallon water reservoir allows for an electricity-free, gravity-fed automatic plant watering system. Want to save yourself the hassle and time of watering plants, while watching them thrive over time? Then this kit is ideal for you, easy to setup and comes with everything you need. The reservoir is already drilled and fitted with an adapter to hook up to your Blumat system, just fill it with water.


How it works

The Tropf Blumat self-watering system functions automatically. As the soil dries, a vacuum and hydro-static pressure, coupled with a spring-loaded gating mechanism, pulls water from the main line. When the soil is sufficiently moist, pressures equalize, and the Tropf Blumat automatically stops taking in water.

Each Blumat Outdoor Sensor in the Deck and Planter Set covers an area 12 inches in diameter. To expand and customize your own system, add additional Supply Hoses, Outdoor Sensors, and Distributor Drippers.

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