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Blumat 4 X 8 Bed Kit

Blumat 4 X 8 Bed Kit

The extension kit was designed for systems that already had a water source connected, and all you need the actual watering system for the beds. This particular kit covers a 4' x 8' bed with the ideal amount of water coverage for a no till, living soil grow style. This means that every square inch of soil is being accounted for and there is more consideration being put in place for the extra water needs of the living soil. Our famed BluSoak drip tape is the game changer that allows for maximum soil moisture distribution, when coupled together with Blumat carrots, BluSoak hose only delivers water to your veggies when they need it, which promotes exponential growth and impressive yields. You can also leave your BluSoak tape under your garden all winter, no problem. 

This kit includes:


  • 1 - BluSoak tape fitting w/Sensor Set, 5" Sensor  
  • 1 - BluSoak tape fitting w/Sensor Set, Maxi 
  • 4 - Blumat Distribution Drippers - bulk  
  • 2 - Blumat Distribution Drippers -End piece - bulk  
  • 32 feet BluSoak 2.0 Drip Tape 
  • 6 - Blumat Support Stakes bulk  
  • 6 feet Blumat 3 mm Drip Tube - by the foot 
  • 1 - Tropf Blumat Sensors  
  • 1 - Blumat Air-purge / Shut Off Valve - bulk 
  • 1 - Blumat Adapter - 8 mm tubing to 1/2" pipe thread 
  • 1 - 8 mm super-flex tubing - 10'  
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