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Agrobright T5 8 Bulb 4'

Agrobright T5 8 Bulb 4'

SKU: 638104006392

The 8 tube fixture by AgroBrite is one of the latest T5 systems, which promises high-lumen output, performance, and flexibility. The grow light uses highly-efficient T5 tubes that give out twice the energy compared to the standard fluorescent systems. The grow light can be hanged in 3 ways- horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

  • Premium Grade Aluminum: High-quality aluminum has great reflective qualities and allows even the spread of light throughout the grow room.

  • Daisy Chain Capable: Avoid the clutter of power cables as the daisy chain functionality lets you attach multiple grow light fixtures to be hooked together.

  • Warranty Covered:The grow light comes with a 5-year warranty, so stay rest assured about your investment.

  • Hang in 3 Different Ways: The grow light can be hung horizontally, vertically, and overhead, so you can choose to hang the grow light according to the growing requirement.

The grow light fixture is reasonably measured, and its dimensions are 46.2"L x 23.9 ''W x 2.8"H. It comes with dual on/off switches which lets you control the output of lumens as per the requirement.

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