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3" Neoprene Insert

3" Neoprene Insert

SKU: 201931
  • Protect Plant Cuttings: These inserts hold and protect new plant cuttings without causing damage to the soft tissue of plants.
  • Quick Insertion and Removal of Clones: Each insert comes with a slit at the center. It ensures quick insertion and removal of clones.
  • Versatile: Neoprene inserts are perfect for use with hydro systems, aeroponics, and clone machines.
  • Support Plant Growth: These inserts serve as root guards to support plant growth.
  • Neoprene Inserts are built to support plant cutting propagated in the net pots without using artificial media. They are manufactured using soft and durable material ‘neoprene,’ which is sterile and non-toxic. These inserts come with a centered hole cut to allow your plants to grow happily and healthily without hurting them.
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